Posted by: Joan Spiller | March 29, 2010

Inaugural Blog Posting

OK here we go then.
Blog Post #1

So far so good!

Never let it be said I do not keep up with the times.. still a little miffed that I didn’t get the latte thing before it became popular (I can still remember my first latte at Pandoro’s in Wgtn – thinking: “$3!?!! – This will never catch on”! Skip fwd a few years and my o-so-swanky-Italian coffee machine is a separately listed item on my insurance policy – what did I know!)

And then there was texting (watching someone in Wgtn some 10yrs ago, texting on their cell phone .. thinking to myself: “what are they doing, schmucks” .. now I’m on a text 5000 plan .. refer earlier “what did I know” and we’ll leave it @ that k.

So on we go to my latest “I don’t get it” thing:

Social Media

I’ve tried to get it, really. I can be found on facebook, I’ve even gotten used to it and kind of enjoy checking it now. I’ve twittered (Tweet tweet?) a time or two too – that phenomenon I *DO* not get (I wait with interest to see if I ever get it, I know you will too .. ) Oh yeah and I am on LinkedIn as well.. So the only thing left really was to start a blog..

So what the heck does one do on a blog anyway?

Discourse on random stuff, I suppose?
Geez, this is just gonna be like my emails except broadcast to the whole wide world?




  1. The great thing about a blog is you can do whatever you want. I suggest you use the tag surfer on the dashboard to see what others are doing. Good luck!


    • thanks, will go take a peek – methinks this could become quite time consuming 😉


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