Posted by: Joan Spiller | April 11, 2010

Dog attacks bitch

Well that was scary .. I took Titan to the park today ..

So there we were, just the two of us (cue: musack) .. in the middle, minding our own business (this is the dog walking park, we’re allowed to be here!) playing and although I’d seen this stupid @$%! cow with her dipshit ugly dog (she was standing by her car some 500m or so away so I figured we’d be safe) .. my bad .. her stupid dog comes charging at us and immediately it’s “boy dog stand off” time.

She’s about as useful as wet cotton wool .. simpering about the nice doggies .. I’m like uh listen honey, get your damn mongrel (some sort of blond pit bull meets lab cross .. the dog, I mean) away from my dog before he finally cracks under the strain of being told to sit ..

She fails .. next thing I’m on the ground, having been knocked over by hers on his way to attack Titan .. who then charges in, trying to protect me (or eat the other dog, whichever!) .. next thing ya know: I’ve got a ruddy great hole in my trews and leg from her dog..NOT fun..

So I came home, completely freaked out, checked my dog (he’s 100% ok) LOL then washed & band-aided my leg .. and am busy drinking medicinal red wine now ..




  1. WOW, that was a scare! Hope Titan chewed the other dog’s ear off. Did you get the name/address of the other woman. Be sure to clean that wound good.


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