Posted by: Joan Spiller | April 14, 2010

Hassle factors thanks to the dog byte

Have to shave legs every day cos every one wants to check it out.
Hassle #1

Have to wear skirts cos first day of whipping me trousers down to show people got a tad tedious.
Hassle #2

Cannot use laptop except if it’s on a table cos laptops sit on legs and leg has hole and larrrrrge bruise-itus making use of laptop in traditional fashion painful.
Hassle #3

AND while we’re at it, you just do not realise how much you use your thigh/knee, how often you bang it, use it to shut a kitchen drawer, use it to push a dresser drawer shut etc ..
Hassle #4+

Wish I’d got that silly cow’s details so I COULD sue her ass ..

But that would bring on a-whole new list of hassles (lawyers, court rooms, bureaucracy, dealing with stupid people and their dogs, throwing away money etc) ..



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