Posted by: Joan Spiller | April 23, 2010

You’re fired!

Yep, I got fired this week.. first time ever in my career and I must say it was an “interesting” experience!

Without going into gory details, let’s just call it “irreconcilable differences” and leave it at that..

OK fine let me tell you ALL about it then ..

Nah, suffice to say I learned a valuable lesson about control freaks, poor communication, egos and how fragile they can be.. And that one really shouldn’t get up the nose of the person who has crafted the ultimate “employment” contract that basically says: “Piss me off and I can get rid of you with no notice required”. Yes, I have had my lawyers check it out – “Could be fought but probably not worth the hassle and cost” was their reply 😉

So anyway, all in all a rather bad combination of things, when it comes to wanting job security!

And an impossible combination of things for this gal who loves continuous improvement and is not able to just sit back and ignore things that have a negative impact on both clients and colleagues (AND ME!) alike.

On a plus note, I did meet some neat people in what shall from here on in be known as the-shortest-real-estate-career-in-history. Whilst they in no way make up for some of the other awful folk that I met, they are a nice addition to my job history that I will be able to take away from this rather weird experience.

PS If anyone wants a Harcourts flag, approx. 5000 branded note pads and some open home signs – just let me know, I happen to have one or two that are superfluous to requirements here 😉



  1. I want the flag Unca!! I could use it as a floor rug in my new house


    • ROTFL! Deal .. it may be a tad charred around the edges and have a few holes in it but it’s officially your new floor rug 😉


  2. Yes they have pics, yes you can have some. NO I didn’t buy pens (just as well huh) altho I do have a pen from Tremains if you want it? Not sure how lol .. Oh and yes Igga I will bring you a bloody notepad, will be down next week – so batten down the hatches & make up the bed / gotta job interview k!


  3. I am with you Joan, Harcourts zero, Joan one, their loss.
    How can they retain staff when they cannot even sell properties properly. What a bunch of wallies!
    I guess even the Lawyer was right, “they are not worth it” they are not worth anything actually.
    You go girl…
    Funky Fred..


  4. I’d definately try to drag them off to the Disputes Tribunal. They tend to have a sensitive ear for individuals at odds with large companies …


  5. do the note pads have your picture on them?


  6. You can bring some pads down on your next visit 🙂

    Got any pens?


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