Posted by: Joan Spiller | April 25, 2010

It’s official: I prefer animals to humans ..

Perhaps I always have but never really stopped to think about it much?

I’m sure it can be traced back to when I was somewhat younger than I am now and somehow managed to con my parents into letting me have some 23 [strays stop being strays once you name them, did you know?] cats, multiple hedgehogs, a jersey cow, a rat, a huge CA rabbit, a pet lamb (which lived safely in the knowledge it was never destined for the Sunday dinner table!) a gorgeous black lab and I think we had fish too but just quietly, I found (and still do!) fish rather dull as far as the whole pet thing went.

Goodness only knows, animals are far simpler beasts to comprehend than humans. The only thing they chop and change that affects you is whether they want fish or beef for tea today or whether they’ll sleep in the (clean, of course!) linen hamper or on the new white duvet 😉

One day I will try and dig up some ancient history pictures of aforementioned “historical” pets, I know I have them somewhere.

But for now here are a few of my current or most recent additions to the menagerie:

These are the Inky monsters when they were only a couple of months old..

Hard to believe Inky could carry 5 kittens, it was incredible.

Also hard to believe she gave birth to them all on the bed in the wee smalls of a November morning some years ago. May we all say “Gross”..

These 5 kittens terrorised the house, the old cat Hootie and the neighbourhood.

From the moment they could walk, they did everything at “Inky” speed!
They tore around like mad things.. wrecking curtains, furniture, pot plants, clothes ..

But they were so adorable, I’d do it again in a heart beat.

Inky says sod off, if I want 5 kittens Mk II – she’s outta here!

Below is a pic of the grand-daddy cat of the house – AKA Hootie .. Jacs, show Scotty!
This is actually taken when I lived in Wellington.. Hootie doing what he does best: thinking about things with his eyes shut.

Then there’s the feathered friend of the family:

Meet “Koo Koo”

The Kook with her pigeon..

This poop machine (we’re talking about the pigeon now) came into our lives a year or two ago now. CJ was given some sob story by someone, it had a broken leg and couldn’t fly and really should have been euthenased but she knew I was a sucker for a sob story too so the damn thing came to live here .. I used to have to make it nests out of manky old face cloths, rolled up and hollowed so she could sit in the middle atop said flannel, all I can say is we went thru a lot of ’em during her ‘baby-hood’. At some point I got brave and let KK out of her cage to go free .. For what it was worth: she aint leaving .. whilst she enjoys being outside she tends to spend most of her time trying to work out how the heck she can get back into the house.. !?! “I’m an inside pigeon, don’t you know!”

Not content with 1 poop producing rat with wings, we then acquired 3 more .. I won’t bore you with all the details but one flew away, 2 have bonded and live with CJ at Dads place, the other is standing on one foot in the hallway sleeping, as I type this.. below is a pic of the 2 that are with CJ, taking a bath in the soaker hose one warm day. Very cute indeed..

Speaking of mongrel strays..Meet the Dork:

One day I will post about how Kitty-Dork came along to terrorise my other pets but for now we’ll leave him looking adorable ..

Below is one of my many grandchildren ..

“Golly”  (looong story) 😉

And another grand-baby, this pic was taken some 3 years ago in 2007 .. Its CJ at work at Marineland, Napier

And last but not least – there’s the baby-mutt: Titan “Powerhouse” Derringer dufus.
OK maybe I mixed that up a little .. but you get the idea.
And what a powerhouse he is.
But a bit of a marshmallow to those he knows ..

2 pics below of him when he was a few months old ..

Yes, the cat is asleep on top of the dog..

Titan adores swimming.. gets a bit scary watching him paddle when the current is whisking him away but he’s strong!

If I sit, do I get a treat Mum?

 OK 1 final fave shot of Hootie and Minx (one of the Inky babies) in the summer sunshine ..

I do have more but hey this blog aint going anywhere and if I keep typing neither will I ..

More later!



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