Posted by: Joan Spiller | April 30, 2010

Chicken necks, Dust bunnies & Egg Shells

What do these 3 things have in common?
My kitchen floor..

Not sure how I ever found time to clean the house whilst doing that silly real estate working bizzo?

Take yesterday: Slept til 10ish, had leisurely breakfast & read a few emails. Wrote a deeply profound bit of dribble in my blog and updated my facebook page on what I think.
I think I want to go watch telly. Hang out with my friends Martha Stewart, “Ains” of Ready Steady Cook, watch 2 more MASH reruns (for the 184th time) get my fix of Rick Stein then play with cats in sunshine in living room. Remember the laundry that was put on a few hours earlier.. But forget it again when “Heston” comes on.. OMG I didn’t list him in my fave’s chef list. Must go edit my blog! Get distracted s’more and decide to go to supermarket. Buy wine and yummy things for snacking on. Take dog, so he doesn’t feel completely deprived having a sloth for a mother. Regret this en route home, as 3pm is “hell time” with Titan. With his head out the front window of the car, he hurls abuse and threats of death and / or disfigurement at every single child between Countdown and home…

Get home, water pot plants.
Water self. OK fine, wine self.
Think about making something for dinner.
Check to do list whilst turning telly on: I may be addicted to Food Network!

A few hours later, throw together some french toast for tea.
(Seems more balanced than feijoa chutney on toast somehow?!)
Go to bridge.
Get home.
Go to bed.
Doh, make a note to hang washing out in the morning.

Another busy day at the ‘office’..
Zzzz ..

Which I *know* doesn’t explain quite why I have chicken necks on the kitchen floor but I think I shall leave *that* to your imagination..


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