Posted by: Joan Spiller | April 30, 2010

I just feel so cheated!

So I’ve been doing a wee bit of research into blog themes.. what people write about in their blogs. (This is what I do in between posting on my blog, watching food TV and drinking wine..)

And during my research (hmm, I wonder if I could get a grant to do this full time?) I’ve noticed something.

And like I said: I feel cheated!

Cos every 2nd blog has a page (in some cases 2) devoted to some illness that blog-owner has. And some of them sound pretty nasty! Geez, earlier today I saw one that had something along the lines of Fibro and Milo and Otis – all – as you might expect – wrecking havoc in this one poor woman’s innards!

But going back to me feeling cheated.

Why do I feel cheated?

Well HECK I don’t have a page devoted to how diseased I am.
And I feel left out!

Maybe I’ll invent my own!

I can see it now .. 
Cue: Doctor’s surgery.
Serious musack playing in the background.
Dr puts on best “bad news but I am sure I can help make you comfortable thru’ the process” face.

“I’m sorry to tell you this (Dr to patient) but the tests have come back and ..

You have”:


What about this one then:

Seriously, blogging about one’s poor health seems kind of .. odd. I guess a blog is an avenue for people to vent or rant on any theme but to dwell on ill health just seems unhealthy somehow!

But by heck if I ever get sick, ya’ll are gonna hear about it right here in cyber space!

Cos I know the world needs to know about my latest in-grown toe nail!
And it cares.






  1. Thats right you go girl.Don’t you let them away with anything either. ken just said we best get up there with your balls then lol


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