Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 1, 2010

Diaries vs. Blogs

When I was young: each Xmas my brother would buy me  a diary for the coming year. Always A5 in size (c’mon now: I was only young, let’s face it: what interesting things did I HAVE to write about that might fill a page any larger?)

So from the age of around 5, I kept a diary. And I kept the diaries.. So I could haul one out now and tell you what the temperature was, if my brother, my Dad or Mum had irritated me.. and which cat I had cuddled that day .. on any given day since 1974. That was about the sum total of ‘stuff’ I had going on to write about..

As I got older, the tradition continued and each year I’d carefully hide away the previous year’s scribblings and start a fresh diary. I’d still always jot down the weather (maybe I can help some scientist track global scamming in NZ and become world infamous?) including what the wind direction was and the temp (weird I know but hey .. we won’t go there!) but as well as the other usual stuff, I’d write about “feelings“.

These were often anguish filled entries, lamenting the fact that my mean and uncaring (some might say unloving and cruel even) parents wouldn’t let me do what *I* (in my vast wisdom of some 11-15yrs or so on the planet) wanted to do in order to be what *I* (refer earlier wisdom statement) thought was just KNEW to be cool.

Anyone who knew me back then knew I was the essence of uncool (I know: things haven’t changed .. shaddup) I mean heck: my fave singer was Suzanne Prentice but in my defence it was the only bloody tape Mum would let me play: so needs must really! So as you can imagine, my diaries were dull as horse droppings. Or maybe I do horse $#@! a disservice?

But I cared deeply about every entry and woe betide ANYONE who dared come near me whilst I was scratching away my inner most thoughts. And I hid them to maintain their sanctity. Of course, being just a kid: I had limited hiding places open to me – so for all I know Mum & Dad would sit down with a drambuie and some diaries every evening and have a jolly good read once I was asleep. But I felt safe, cos I thought they were secured from the prying eyes of the world..

So why then, do I have a blog on the world wide web that invites the prying eyes of the world to read my scribblings, thoughts and dribble now?

Something for me to ponder as I go about my day today.
First things first though: gotta go watch Heston on Food TV..


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