Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 2, 2010

Disposable history?

So, what’s this about then?

I was very busy, sorting thru’ the linen cupboard today.

Now this is usually a horrible job at any time but it’s made worse because last year the 2 girl cats decided the linen cupboard was just the best place ever and spent most nights asleep in amongst the linen. May we all say FUR BALL city!

Which perhaps explains why I was cleaning the cupboard out, lint roller on hand .. rubbish bin on the other 😉

Going back to my original comment: Disposable.. History .. etc

I found in the piles of linen some old (probably frightfully trendy now!) orange table mats (the ones we used to put under our dinner plates) and then I found my old very faded and worn napkin from when I was a liddle girl.. yes, it’s old, shuddup.

Freud, have fun ..

Why can’t I throw them out?



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