Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 6, 2010

Busy? I don’t think so..

So, I’m sitting watching the news on 1 this morning (just watching for Paul Henry really but he’s in the UK .. sigh) Anyway in an ad break I became mildly irritated after hearing the words “At Uncle Toby’s we understand that making breakfast for the family is just too hard to do” or something like that .. what the ..?

Since when did throwing some toast in the toaster or hurling some muesli into a bowl and pointing the kid toward the fridge for milk get too taxing for the average mother?

It seems the marketing boffins at Uncle Toby’s have worked out that the average Mum would rather lay in bed an extra 30 minutes or fix their hair (or whatever it is they distract themselves with?) than get up and whip up some breakfast before work, her hair appt, lunch with a friend.. again, whatever she’s “too busy” doing.

Which leads me to my fave pet peeve – people who say they are ‘too busy’.

This affliction generally means that they’re far too busy to cook good meals for themselves or the kids ..but not too busy to watch Shorty Street or that awful westy program the name of which mercifully eludes me.

They’re far too busy to bake a cake with the kids (which takes all of 2 hours including clean up time) but incredibly, they’re often not too busy to go to the pub on Friday with their work mates. Generally an activity that takes more than 2 hours including clean up 😉

And of course, they’re far too busy to take the dog for a walk ..
But not too busy to update their facebook page.

Naturally, they’d be far too busy to clean their house properly .. but always manage to find the time to go shopping on a Saturday morning for those shoes that they saw advertised on telly .. Funnily enough these same mothers don’t seem to be far too busy to complain that they’re far too busy, that their house isn’t tidy, that they don’t have home made muesli or baking in the tins etc

Can ya tell it irks me?

People often say to me “how come you have time to do that?” (for example – maybe make biscotti for morning tea at work and CJ to have for lunches) and when I’d say “there’s 24 hours in a day” they’d shake their heads tragically, you know the type of head shake one does when attending a funeral, all sort of sad and melancholy as tho they are thinking back to the days back when they had that oh-so-elusive ‘time’? Grr And then they say the killer phrase: “ohhh I am just far too busy for that”.

The reality is if the average person turned the telly off now and then they would probably quite easily gain the better part of 2 working days back each week!

And just imagine how much biscotti or porridge (from scratch!) that you could make in 15 hours!

PS Uncle Toby’s here’s a tip for you – PORRIDGE as defined by most kids is actually an amalgamation of the words “Putrid”, “hORRId” and “sluDGE”.


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