Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 7, 2010

Aww poor CJ!

So a courier arrived here on Tuesday, carrying a small box from the far North.
Addressed to me ..

How exciting!

I ripped it open and found a gorgeous gift wrapped box of delish chocolates.
As well as a bunch of advertising, pamphlets, packing material etc

Now backing up a bit: the weekend before, CJ had been here visiting and bought me a tiny piece of this same chocolate. It was a gift from someone she’d house sat for recently. I must have raved about it a bit, cos CJ went online and ordered me a box for a Mother’s day gift!

How sweet is she 🙂

But when she came over that evening and saw the chocs she got really cross!
Why, you ask?

Cos she’d ticked the order form “Deliver for Mother’s day” (they had several she could choose from) and they arrived on Tuesday .. as well, the card was so small and non-card like that they’d popped in with her note that I didn’t even KNOW there were from her ..

But mostly she was upset that the chocs arrived almost a week before Mother’s day as she knew she’d be at work all day so wouldn’t be able to be with me and as she said: knowing Mum had died she thought getting chocs or something nice on the day might make this Mother’s day nicer for me.

No amount of consoling would work – she’s still cross!
Watch out Makana Chocs I am sure she will be in touch!! LOL


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