Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 16, 2010

Little pig, little pig (let me come in!)

I have no idea if this will work or not .. but do check this gorgeous, short (the best kind!) video of Percy throwing a tantrum when he was outside and wanted to come inside!

If it doesn’t work, check it out on my Twitter page or Facebook!



  1. Hi Joan. I love Percy! How old is he and is he a Warthog? I breed pigs and just adore piglets. I free range them – at the moment 15 little dears are exploring wider horizons. I have handreared a couple of piglets – I think it is far more difficult than handrearing lambs or calves. Good luck – I think Percy rocks. Best wishes Andrea


    • I think he’s a plain old wild boar, to be honest we don’t know 😉
      I posted on your blog, cant imagine how busy it is having 15 of the little so-and-so’s running around the place, fantastic!
      What worries me is Percy thinks he’s an inside piglet!
      We already have an inside pigeon – do not want an inside PIG!!
      Yes, we’re the crazy animal people heheh


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