Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 24, 2010

Pigeon Soup?!?

It’s fair to say that when you look down at them and they look back and all you see is adoration / love, maybe some curiosity but absolutely no fear .. that’s when you kinda feel you’re doing something right. I’ve never been able to understand how people can get a kick out of being unkind or cruel to them.. It’s truly beyond my comprehension and incites vast amounts rage inside me whenever I think about it.

I guess I could be talking about children but actually I am talking about animals. In particular, wild animals ~ such as Percy the piglet or Koo-Koo the pigeon. Domesticated animals you’d kind of expect to have a level of comfort around humans. NO such thing is inherent in boar or pigeons I am sure!

Some of you will recall how KK came into our lives a few years ago. She’d fallen from a tree & broken her leg.. some kind stranger found her and took her to Marineland, Napier. My soft-hearted daughter refused to euthanase her as instructed by mgmt (it’s a marine zoo, not an aviary after all!) and instead bought aforementioned broken-arse pigeon home and said “Mummy look, they want me to kill her”.

Thus sealing KK’s new living arrangements. The apple has not fallen far from the tree with that kid-o-mine..

In her years here, KK has healed up 100%, learned to fly .. and thinks she is a dog.
Or we’re pigeons?
Whatever ..

She also has a total obsession about coming back inside whenever we throw her out for a flap around. Every moment she’s outside she can be seen flying from window to window peering inside.. casing them, so when one is opened even for the briefest of seconds, WAHEY! In she flies.

She’s got amazing flying and manoeuverability skills. She can dart in thru’ the screen door, swerve past me flapping at her in the kitchen, dive into the dining room navigating past the M.A.T.H who hates pigeon crap so always tries to catch her ASAP, she then hangs hard left into the hallway where she will gracefully flutter to the floor and toodle about quite happily now she is back inside with the rest of the pack.

Which takes me back to why I was washing her feet.

Since she is incarcerated, she often will get ‘mucky’ feet. Goes with the territory! Pigeons and poop. 😉 Whenever we have inclement weather she spends more time in her cage than out and this means her feet can become caked with ‘stuff’. Nasty stuff. So I wash them. Normally she’d get hurled out the door and wash them herself: by walking about on damp grass but this is no weather to be outdoors in she assures me.

So, it’s pigeon bathtime!

I scooped her up out of her cage in the lounge, threw her latest perch (a slab of pine) in the fire and replaced it with a new one for her then I carted her down the hall and chucked her in the kitchen sink (calm down: have you not heard of dettol?) I then placed a cookie cooling rack over the sink (to keep her contained) and turned on the tap so warm water flooded around her.

At this point she simply stood there, looking up at me – looking around at the water, probably wondering if I’d lost the plot as she splosh sploshed about in it a few times .. but she felt NO fear or worry at all, you could see it! Well, I could – you have to imagine it 😉

And I have to say that it felt pretty damn cool to experience such a thing!


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