Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 26, 2010

I just realised something!

News flash: I, Joan Spiller am a simpleton.
No wait, simple girl!

Whilst I’ve always suspected the simple gal (simple pleasures etc) thing, it sort of came to me in a blinding flash of the obvious a couple of hours ago as I made my “must have” (so no one gets hurt!) morning latte ..

I only feel mildly tragic at the level of pleasure I get from heating the milk ’til the silkiness is ‘just so’ – there’s apparently a scientific term for it, something to do with stretching the proteins but all I know is it makes for a nicer cuppa joe if I do it right .. And as for the pattern in the top: it is also critical ~ see for yourself ..

And yes, it does actually make the coffee less enjoyable if I stuff up the pattern. Refer to earlier sad comment, nod quietly then back away! (And no one need get hurt, remember!)

It’s a simple set of rules really when you think about it..

I also derive satisfaction from other perhaps ‘weird’ things.. like having a tidy pantry.
(Back space back space..add in that critical letter “r”..let’s hope the coffee kicks in soon..)
Like washing the floors. Could I be one of the few females left on the planet that washes them on my hands and knees, drying them as I go?

Kind of have to, else they won’t stay clean for even 5 minutes .. You try having needy pigeons, a mess making machine (aka Percy the piglet), a rather rambunctious dog, multiple cats, 2 rats and whatever else traipse across YOUR floor, see how long you can keep it clean! 

Anyway, what weird simple pleasures do you have / make the most of?  
A few more of mine, in no particular order are:

Vogels toast with marmite & lashings of cold butter. Must be cold, melted just doesn’t cut it.
Watching the old boy (Hootie, the ‘cool’ cat) play with a ribbon when he thinks he’s alone.
45kg of dog melting on the hearth .. sprawled as close to the fire as he can possibly get.
Flowering potted colour x3 at the backdoor.
Freshly picked tomatoes in May (smug smirk) ~ yep I am still getting fresh cherry tomatoes from my garden.

OK enough of this musing! I have a busy day ahead: bridge tonight, a jaunt out to the farm to see my grandson (Percy), a walk to the park with the M.A.T.H and the mutt, and maybe some light housework.. floor mopping and pantry wiping, that sort of thing ..


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