Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 28, 2010

A rant about suicide

As the song for one my fave TV shows goes..
“Suicide is painless..”
And yes, it bring on many changes too.
Not many of them good, I’d suggest!

I’ve heard suicide described as noble, brave.. sensible even.

These are not adjectives *I* would choose to apply to such an act.
If you ask me, suicide is simply cowardly and hmm let’s see now .. how about: selfish..
Yep that about sums it up in my view!

Sure, you pop this mortal coil and remove yourself from whatever stresses you’re feeling that motivated you to take such drastic action but worse than that: you ensure that everyone left behind stumbles about in a deeply traumatised state of guilt, pain and anger (Not always in that order, I know) for the rest of their days.

Days you won’t have to experience cos oh yeah that’s right you slit your wrists or threw yourself off a tall building.

So, the living are left in a constant state of pain and the murderer has removed themselves from the situation and is blissfully unaware of the pain caused by their actions. Like I said: selfish and cowardly rather than brave and noble!  

I have had 2 friends commit suicide in my lifetime. 1 was pregnant and left behind a young child and a bewildered, devastated husband. 1 was perhaps worse: he did it “sort of” in front of us all thereby ensuring approx. 50 people were left behind deeply traumatised and wondering what the hell went wrong. And why .. always why..

There’s no excuse for it ever, in my opinion but tis fair to say it’s even worse to take out some poor mother of 4 who was just doing her job, like this schmuck did:
I hope you enjoy the afterlife, methinks it’ll not be as peaceful as you’d wish.


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