Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 29, 2010

Cheese Sauce – Recipe

So we’ve all had meals with cheese sauce on them and thought “wow, wish I could make cheese sauce like this”, right? We’ve then gone home and grabbed a cook book, some cheese, milk and a pot and set to trying to replicate the sauce .. Only to eat it and go “bugger, not as good..” and give up, thinking we simply can’t make a nice cheese sauce.

I am here to tell you that NO recipe will ever help you make a nice cheese sauce, you almost need to make it by instinct. That said, I will try and capture my way of making it, to see if it’ll help you make yours ..

Oh .. wait, we’ll get into copyright issues if I say “COOK” here!

Whatever, let’s cook!

To make cheese sauce for 4 people plus leftovers (it freezes great!) you will need:

1 large pot, ideally a copper bottomed one
150g butter – salted is fine
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
1/2 tsp freshly ground pepper (white pref)
3T flour (white, plain)
400g tasty cheese – grated
Milk – uh oh no amt, sorry – it depends on how the roux looks!
I’d guess at least 3 cups

Melt butter, add seasonings. Mix, to ensure it doesn’t burn. This is not the time to cook and watch telly, focus! Strangely, (for me, the onion queen) there is no onion in this, if you are making a plain cheese sauce. If it’s to go in Mac Cheese – throw some finely diced onion in now. Add in flour, then mix with a fork. It should look like wet sand. This is the best way I can describe it.

Not sure? Stop cooking and head to the nearest sandy beach and check it out ..

Move the roux / mix around to ensure it does not burn, you want it cooked (the flour and butter) but not at ALL dark in colour.

Add 1/2 c milk and whisk, quickly .. this will look terrible, don’t panic and don’t give up .. keep whisking .. it will calm down, you must too 😉

Add the remaining 2-2.5c milk slowly, 1/4c at a time .. keep whisking in between additions. The mix will be sloppy and NOT look like sauce. Don’t panic, it will turn into one 😉

At this point, you should have the heat on med to low. This is a sauce to cradle into existence, not something you should rush. Sure, I can make it in 5-10 mins, but really to be safe: allow 30 mins.. I’ve made it 100x before. Or more 😉

Now you grab a wooden spoon and stir in a nonchalent fashion.
Chat to friends.
Drink some wine.
But DO stir now and then.
Do not leave the sauce alone, it’s too young!

Once it starts to blip and blubble (I’m sure that’s a proper cooking term?) add the cheese .. it’ll suddenly all go gooey, bind up and look a bit stringy, don’t panic. Stir with the wooden spoon and don’t stop stirring for a few mins. The cheese will melt then all will be good with your world. I promise .. Again: low to med heat here.

Now allow the sauce to cook off a bit.. ya still can’t leave it. Stir now and then, you want a nice hubble bubble thing going on at this point..

That’s it .. should take around 20 mins really to get the most yummo cheese sauce ever.

Oh and re the milk qty – add more if it’s too thick, but do this near the end .. simple eh? 😉

Let me know how you get on!


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