Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 30, 2010

Do you see what I see?

The leek & ‘tater soup is on the stove top bubbling away as I type..

And as I chopped up the leeks I wondered if people do what I do with my vege scraps.

Now I’m sorry Gordon and Heston (they will die at this next sentence) but it works, trust me!

See the leftover leek ‘junk’ / scraps from my cutting the leeks to go into the soup?
DON’T throw them out – they’re loaded with flavour!

Wash them, freeze them (or use immediately) and put into home made vegetable stock..

Right now those ‘trimmings’ off the leeks are soaking (leeks get heaps of mud in their greenery as they grow) and soon will be simmering in a pot with carrot peelings, kumara (sweet potato) peelings, onion skins (makes for a gorgeous coloured stock!), a chunk of beetroot and some herbs from my garden.

Voila – instant (so to speak!) home made vegetable stock ..

Can’t beat it. I use vege stock to cook my rice, my veges (talk about vege infusions, they taste amazing!) and of course in soups or stews, gravy etc

I was never really a believer in stock til a few years ago when I read up on them and played about with them a bit then realised what a difference it made to my food.

Now I’m a stock snob .. plain and simple!

I’ll post exactly how I make my vege stock later – please try it, you will not be disappointed!!



  1. What an excellent idea!


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