Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 30, 2010

Martha er, Spiller?

So, a life time love affair with food means that I have stock piled a few recipes, habits and skills in the kitchen. Some of them bad, but mostly they work. For me anyway!  

As someone who loves to cook, 1 of my pet peeves whenever I read a cook book (which I do for fun, the way some women read Woman’s Day or whatever) is how many recipes do not quite carry the instructions to a level that makes sense to an unexperienced cook. Which simply guarantees that the dish will not quite be what they wanted and leave them feeling let down, after all their hard work!

And then there is poorly delivered verbal advice.

I watched a TV show yesterday where the host said to her class of budding cooks: “Tap the base, do you hear that noise?” I laughed as the camera panned across a bunch of perplexed and / or blank faces .. they could NOT hear the noise. Therefore they didn’t know if the bread was baked properly. Good advice, delivered badly!

What’s the point in telling people something if they don’t actually get the help from it you intended?

Which takes me to the cooks who deliberately leave some things vague when giving out recipes .. cos they want the recipient to think “damn, she’s a way better cook than I am”.

OK OK, I confess ~ I’ve done this myself.
But in my defence, usually only to people I don’t like very much.

It can be quite fun to get the distress call from them a few days after they trot off thinking they’re gonna be able to replicate my gorgeous food that I’ve spent a life time learning how to do ..

OOOOH did I just say that out loud for the world to hear?

Anyway without further ado – welcome to my blog about food, cooking, the kitchen .. with maybe a little bit of me thrown in for good measure, now and then..

Bon Appetit!



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