Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 31, 2010

Recessionary stock

Vegetable stock makes such a difference to the flavour of a meal, if you’ve not really used it much before – I exhort you to give it a try please!

Like our best china or that extra expensive pair of shoes that gets hauled out and used rarely – stock seems to fall into a similar category for some of us. So we only make use of it when we’re making something ‘fancy’ or new. Or worse: when we’re cooking for guests.

CJ has a gorgeous tomato soup recipe and I’d wager it’s the only time she uses vege stock. Others use it mostly in risotto. And of course: you must – it is a key ingredient but why not use it all the time!?

I cook my vegetables in vegetable stock, rice in stock, make my gravy using stock – I chuck it into everything I possibly can.

If you think about it, it’s a good way to get nutrition into ‘fussy’ eaters. Great for baby food: imagine how much more grunty a plate of mashed veges is when they’re not just cooked and mashed but cooked in vege stock and mashed with some of the stock.

With lashings of butter, salt and pepper of course .. (I never subscribed to the “babies like / need bland food” thing .. could explain why CJ used to sit in the trolley at the supermarket and ask for a container of olives instead of a chocolate bar for being good?) 

Maybe this use of stock everywhere seems extravagant but if you make your own, then you simply haul it out of the freezer and voila – instant flavour!

Recently I tried a new recipe for risotto (one of Gordon’s pumpkin and sage ones) and my rule when trying new recipes is I will make it ONCE without modification. Then I amend ten bells out of it to make it how I want it *grin*

Anyway this one called for vegetable stock and I wanted to see if shop bought stock was somehow ‘better’ than home made so I bought some Campbells vege stock.

I felt soooo bad buying stock! I actually hid it under things in my trolley! LOLIt was too salty for my taste, so I won’t use it again AND I know mine is as good or better now. Experiment worthwhile!

Right – Stock recipe to follow..
Stay tuned!

PS Read my other post about leek soup and this one will make more sense!


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