Posted by: Joan Spiller | June 1, 2010

“Poor man’s” vege stock – Recipe

So the other day I talked about how stock changed my world and promised the recipe … Here we go!

When I want to make stock, I try to make it the day after or the day of a roast meal.
So I can make use of the vege scraps I generate during the roast dinner prep. When I cook a roast, I’ll always do roast potatoes, roasted kumara, roast onions, roast beetroot, roast punkin – preferably butternut. I’ll cook julienne (thinly sliced) carrots and brocolli or cabbage or some sort of green. And gravy of course ..

So into the largest pot I can find goes the following:

All the washed vege scraps (ends, peelings etc) EXCEPT the pumpkin. The skin goes bitter and vile when boiled..

I have a fetish for perfect julienne strips so when I make them I actually cut the carrot into a rectangle so I have nice flat edges to cut .. but this means potentially lots of waste. Unless I make stock! The off cuts go into the stock pot!

I’ll also throw in 1 onion, quartered but not peeled.
A (tennis ball sized) piece of beetroot. I buy a few beetroot when they’re in season, wash and cut them into chunks and freeze so I can use them all year round in stock. They make for a gorgeous colour! 
Also a 6 inch length of rosemary
(I freeze this in bags so I can use it any time I want to
10 pepper corns which I bash about a bit in a mortar and pestle
And lastly a bundle of freshly picked thyme, sage leaves, parsley ..
Oh and 3 cloves of bruised garlic. I don’t peel it, I leave the skin on – what the heck, it all gets strained 😉 

As well, I’ll haul the container out of my freezer that contains the herbs, offcuts and peelings stashed away since the last batch of stock I made!

I cover the entire mess with cold water and bring it to the boil. Then I simmer it for a good hour or so. Ideally, leave it overnight before straining.

Lucky last: throw the scraps to the hens and put the stock into containers, label & freeze.



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