Posted by: Joan Spiller | June 4, 2010

“That’s NO how ye make porridge!”

You may recall I had a mini rant awhile back ( ) about how it irritates me that people say they are too busy to cook a meal .. especially breakfast which does not exactly fall into the ‘complex’ category .. unless you really want it to – and then it’s just plain Sunday funday as a rule!

Well, I think someone at Uncle Toby’s must have read my post cos guess what arrived in my mailbox this morning?

Note how they claim the sachet is flavoured?
Must mean it’s like weetbix, you’re better off eating the packaging for nutrition and taste value? 😉

Never fear, in the interests of being just – I shall do as the packet commands me and will “try” this er, ‘food’ for breakfast tomorrow.

Tune in for more ..
And wish me luck!



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