Posted by: Joan Spiller | June 5, 2010

“Quick Sachets” – The taste test

Yesterday I promised I’d try this ghastly packet of “oats” that arrived in my mailbox.
Wish me luck .. today’s the day!

Well, in a little while .. 
I might go do the dishes first .. or maybe vacuum the house?

Mm no, I’m not putting it off.
Not me ..

In order to a) make this more of an experiment and b) have a back up meal I KNOW I will enjoy – I have got my own home made rib-sticking porridge “brewing” in the kitchen, as well as this packet of stuff that promises to be “ready to eat in 90 seconds”.

Something I think is interesting about this packet of oats is that there are 2 different types of sugar in it. As well as honey powder (hmm what sorta bees make powdered honey?)
Methinks this might be a tad sweeter than MY porridge which has no sugar in it (I like to pile it on top when it’s served!) but instead has salt in it. Actually, that’s a point – there’s no salt in this packet stuff. Blech I’m going off it before I’ve even cooked it lol

Fear not – I can do this ..

Back later with a report on how I get on!


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