Posted by: Joan Spiller | June 6, 2010

0 tolerance for mung beans & tofu!

I, Joan Spiller – a vegetarian of some 40+ years, have a confession to make:

I do not like tofu or bean sprouts.

OK I lie, wrap the mung beans (tangled up with shredded carrots, cabbage, onions, soy sauce and the like) inside wonton wrappers (i.e.: spring rolls) and I’m there. Dredge the tofu in flavourings, colourings and hot oil – I could also be tempted.

But oh my god, tofu scramble?

Sounds like the  noise a bunch of people would make as they exit a vegan restaurant stage left .. when they SAW tofu on the menu!

One of the things that really annoys me as a life time weirdo, oops, I mean vegetarian – is how everyone thinks we “vegies” a) love to eat bean sprouts, tofu and lentils b) care about nothing more than the environment and c) are pasty, thin and wan.

Refer to earlier “life vego” statement and come to terms with the fact that I *AM* qualified to speak on this and forever hold your peace you vegan whack jobs who insist only eating raw things is healthy. Balls.

Sure, raw food can be yummy. A coleslaw – dressed appropriately – nuzzling up to a baked spud (skin on, of course!) piled high with lashings of melting butter, sour cream.. and onions atop it. Cradling a boiled (free range, please) egg, some tomatoes, cucumber, and maybe a rice fritter or two and we’re cooking with gas!

Or how about a salad of lettuce greens (again, dressed right – want a nice mayo or vinaigrette recipe just ask!) served alongside a creamy, cheesey, vege laden quiche. And maybe some home-made  wedges with feijoa chutney .. Oh baby!

But some things *are* harder to make delicious. And I love (in that teeth-gritted kinda way) how most rabid avid vegetarians staunchly insist their offerings taste better than a big ol’ scotch fillet steak, slathered in mushrooms served with whatever salad or veges are around.

PS wanna know how to make the most tasty and simple coleslaw or mayo or vinaigrette?
Email me or ask on this site, I’d love to share 🙂

Let’s eat!


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