Posted by: Joan Spiller | June 7, 2010

Life’s lessons ..

Tis fair to say I have learned a lot in my life time.. And from a variety of sources..
But perhaps most of all the lessons I have learned come from having a houseful of pets!

If you are going to drink a) ensure there are no cameras around and b) don’t fall asleep in your glass. For some reason, people *always* notice that sort of thing..

Don’t be afraid to snuggle up to the ones you love..
There’s probably every chance they will enjoy it as much as you..

Stay away from gangs!
This includes the mongrel mob..

Tall Poppies be damned!
Life is short – aim high..

Eat with friends ..
No matter what is served – it’s always funner!

Laugh often!
If you can – make it loud too!

Protect your family. Whatever it costs.
This is one of “those” unbreakable rules.

Take care of your teeth.
After all, you only get one set in a life time..

Take care of our environment.
In whatever way you can..

Work out / exercise regularly.
No matter how hard it may seem at the time..

Don’t cry over spilt milk..
Instead why not just deal with it as best you can?

Play nicely with your siblings..
One day they may be all you have.

If you love something, hang on to it – hard 😉
(And don’t bite the hand that feeds you!)

When life seems rough, find somewhere cosy to snuggle!
Things always seem better after a snooze ..

Party whenever you get the opportunity ..
Remember – life is short!

Remember those depleting ozone layers..
Never leave home without your hat!

And cherish your elders.
After all, grandparents are one of a kind..



  1. Adorable kitten pictures!!!

    And cool captions Joan! 🙂


    • What about the dog, and pigeon and CJ and and and…. ? 😉


  2. I was disappointed baby bacon was not included!


  3. LOL Thanks guys – I had such fun going thru’ all my old photos (was doing some sorting on a rainy Sunday) and decided I’d share some with a few captions 😉


  4. excellent pics, I like how you manage to bring humour to your blog posts even when they are serious. Are these actually all your pets or are they pictures of random pets?


    • They are all pets of ours, and there are a few missing even. What can I say, we live in a zoo lol glad you like my blog 🙂


  5. Well done, that’s excellent


  6. This is so fine Joan. We can and do learn a lot from the creatures around us. I never tire of watching the wild animals on my bike rides. They never seen to worry about where their next meal is coming from or any of the things we do……….particularly those that live at your house(G).


    • Joan you always astound me with all your great labells you have for you pics.I really enjoyed these.hope you have room in your bed for you with all you awesome pets .hugs


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