Posted by: Joan Spiller | June 8, 2010

Lemon Posset – Recipe

This is a very decadent but somehow light dessert and is perfect for a sweet treat after dinner. Best still, it’s cheap and really easy to make! Oh and it can be made a day or so in advance to avoid stress if you’re cooking for a crowd. But probably needs to be hidden else you’ll eat it before the dinner party!

I have Gordon Ramsay to thank for this recipe but he doesn’t get full credit, I’ve modified it over the years ..

Lemon Posset

600ml cream
150g caster sugar
2 large lemons (zested and juiced)

Put the cream and sugar into a large pot, over a low heat and bring to the boil slowly. Stir often, at this stage. Boil for three minutes, then remove from the heat and allow to cool for an hour or so. Add the lemon juice and zest and whisk til it thickens. This should happen while you whisk, if not – you may have a problem with it ever setting. So keep whisking!

Pour or pipe the mixture into serving glasses and cover with cling wrap then refrigerate for at least 3 hours. Make sure there’s nothing stinky in your fridge – an onion lemon posset probably won’t be such a thrill..

If it’s a really cold day when you are serving these, remove from the fridge an hour or so before serving.

These look gorgeous in shot glasses. But remember to use ones wot your friends can get their spoons into! Otherwise, dainty tea cups on saucers look good as do martini glasses.
And for decoration should you wish to go there: some candied lemon peel looks good or maybe 3 fresh raspberries on each one, dusted in a little icing sugar.




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  2. Looks delicious! Plastic drink lids work well over the glasses when they need to go into the fridge, just in case.


    • Cheaper / less wasteful too, thanks for the idea!


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