Posted by: Joan Spiller | June 10, 2010

*@#!$% it’s minus 3 degrees!

That is the temperature here in sunny Hawke’s Bay at 8.35 this morning.

Now I know in some parts of the world that aint so cold. But it is still a shock to the system when Winter arrives at high speed like this 😉

Took the mutt out for his morning ablutions just now and he was thinking he’d like a drink..

You should have seen his nose when it hit this:

Worst part of today’s frost is it’s clouding over, so the chill will stay tucked under the cloud blanket leading to a very miserably cold day.

I better go bake something and warm the house up huh 😉



  1. frozen at 20?
    You are a sick sick woman.
    Come back to NZ for awhile, see how you feel then! 😉

    PS did you get the bat doo-doos off the doona???


  2. Now I know why we moved. Only 20 here today and I’m frozen


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