Posted by: Joan Spiller | June 10, 2010

What’s on the menu?

We’re having a family dinner tonight to farewell CJ’s boyfriend as he heads off to do some work in the grand canyon, USA this coming weekend. (He’s a DOC ranger) As is always the case when our family come for dinner, I get “requests” for what each person feels like. Can make for some weird meals!

Hah that reminds me of the birthday tradition I had when CJ was young but that’s a-whole-nother post .. suffice to say we had some very odd birthday dinners before her palate woke up and slapped her around, demanding better!

Anyway for “last supper” tonight we will be having the following ..

Roast carrot and butternut soup with hot bread and olive oil

Corned beef with mustard sauce
Mustard mash – potatoes mashed with grainy mustard and lashings of cream, spring onions and herbs in it
Julienned carrots – my fave way to eat carrots and I seem to have passed that fetish onto CJ who always insists they’re cut that way
Finely shredded cabbage – lightly steamed and tossed in hot peppery butter
Creamed leeks (softly cooked and then melted down in cream til they thicken up and become like creamy leeky mash .. funnily enough)

Oh and for the non-carnivores

Dad, CJ and I will be having the veges above served with rice patties in this case I am adding a cup of roasted pecans – I’ve got them roasting (see below)  in a little rice bran oil, tumeric, garlic, chilli pdr and also coriander pdr. Now I am one of *those* people who loathes coriander with a PASSION but I like the pdr – I believe it’s made from the seeds, not the hideous greenery that smells like dirty dish cloths!

Oh and CJ’s just texted to say she wants red wine gravy too.

I am tossing up between lemon delicious (omigoodness the nicest lemon dessert ever) or profiteroles.
Or maybe sticky date pudding? It is winter after all.. some caramel sauce and cream on the top ..
Problem with sticky date pudding is I will have been guzzling red wine by the time it’s dessert completion time – so that pretty much guarantees I will burn the sauce when I make it lol

Maybe I’ll stick to profiteroles or lemon delicious. 

Oh .. and Percy will be having egg sandwiches – he’s in love with these I’ve recently discovered!



  1. We had lemon delicious – I will post the recipe later. This is one seriously delicious (hah) dessert – kind of a souffle meets a self saucing pud. So good!


  2. I like this.


  3. I’m so impressed with your culinary skills 🙂 sounds like a great meal!


    • Thanks, I LOVE to cook so its fun for me when I have to whip up a 4 course meal. This 1 is simple, a lot can be done in advance.. Mind you, tea is in 3.5hrs and I’ve not done much at all so better get a wriggle on huh – will report back on how it goes later 🙂


  4. I recognize the variety of those pecans and it is Elliot. Good pecan and I am grafting some more trees to that variety. Wish we were there!
    That is going to be one good meal!


    • They were sent to me by a very special friend..


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