Posted by: Joan Spiller | June 11, 2010

Fad diets, working out and coffee withdrawals..

So I joined a gym this week, you might have seen my earlier post about the lovely ladies @ Core Fitness, in Hastings.

I duly went along for my first session with a personal trainer this morning at 9am. Now I’d like to say it was neato, good fun and all that jazz.. but I’m in too much pain to lie that well!

Nah, the pain is from a caffeine-withdrawal headache not the gym work out – yep, I’ve not had a coffee for 2 days now. “Why?”, I hear you ask.. I just figured if I was gonna be in a new world of pain with gymming, I may as well go the whole hog and do a bit of a cleansing diet thing.

Problem with most cleanse style of diets is that they insist you eat nothing but tasteless, boring and horrible food .. and they tend to omit all your fave things like double shot lattes, red wine, fried food and such 😉

But this is me we’re talking about – never one to do things by halves!

That said, I did regret the lack of coffee a little this morning when the trainer reminded me that I’d bravely (stupidly?) said I “wanted to get maximum results from this gym bizzo as fast as possible so work me hard“.

A monster headache meets personal trainer (who shall from henceforthonward be known as Atilla) .. not a good combo.

Ah well, this too shall pass. I’ve given coffee the flick a few times, it aint pretty for about 4 days then you get past the headaches and life goes on! And on a plus note: it’s taking my mind off my aching muscles!

Now if someone could just pass me the pizza hutt menu and telephone – I can’t reach it and it hurts too much to get up ..



  1. How come I get the little green guy with horns and a tail and you get the colorful Parrot?? Ops, forgot; it is your blog!


  2. Way to go!! When you put that complicated, expensive coffee machine up for sale I will know you are serious(G). Don’t let Atilla get too pushy!


    • sell it? SELL MY COFFEE MACHINE??

      *Washes your mouth out with walnuts*



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