Posted by: Joan Spiller | June 12, 2010

Coleslaw – Recipe

Now I know some people do fancy things and put loads of ingredients in their coleslaw but mine is really basic and yet wins rave reviews whenever I serve it..

All you need is half a cabbage, 2 carrots, 2 spring onions (scallions), 1c grated cheese and some milk, mayo*, salt & pepper! The trick is in the preparation..

This is best left for an hour to 90mins before serving but does need a little time to ‘sit’ so don’t serve it immediately.. Don’t leave it too long either 😉

Finely slice the cabbage, either into little pieces or lengths. I might make some tomorrow and post a pic, just to aid comprehension on this.

Peel and grate the carrots. Add to the sliced cabbage.

Chuck in the cheese and finely sliced spring onions. Mix – I find a bread & butter knife works well here.

Add in 1/3c mayo and 1/4c milk. Mix all together, season with lots of pepper and a bit of salt. Use way more pepper than seems right, it soaks it up and tastes great k. 
For this recipe, I use white pepper but you can use any kind you like ..

Cover and put in the fridge for 1 hour before serving.

Serve garnished with freshly chopped parsley, hard boiled eggs and chunks of tomato.

Goes great with a big juice steak and jacket baked potatoes..
Or for the veges out there: try it with my rice patties and a baked spud.


*A word about mayo – do not use sweet mayo, the Best foods mayo is the ‘best’ I’ve found so far for this.



  1. Do you have to use green cabbage or can you use purple cabbage too?


    • Purple is good, I almost said in the recipe to use any cabbage but didn’t wanna make it too busy sounding 😉

      Let me know how the boiled eggs go!!


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