Posted by: Joan Spiller | June 12, 2010

Toasted Sandwich – Recipe

One of my all time things to eat for lunch is a toasted sandwich. My trusty (and ancient) sandwich press is blackened, rusting and probably quite exhausted – but still keeps working for me, thankfully! I have a few fave fillings – some simple (good old watties cream corn, finely sliced onion and edam cheese!) and some not so simple. Here’s the recipe for my not so simple one:

2 slices of med. sliced brown bread (use whichever sort of bread you like, I like non-grainy for toasties)

Now brace yourself, you layer flavours onto the bread and it seems weird but it works!

On one slice put the following toppings:

*Tomato chutney – thinly spread – see below
Mustard – thinly spread
Sour cream – very thinly spread
Garlic aioli (or 1t of mayo with some crushed garlic in it) – thinly spread on the lot

On the other slice put the following toppings:

Finely sliced onion (qty to suit your taste preferences)
Finely sliced capsicum
Finely sliced tomato – no seeds (can use sundried if you have no fresh tomatoes)
Finely sliced olives (if you like them)

Cover the lot with thinly sliced edam cheese

Sandwich it together, brush with olive oil and cook in your sandwich press til golden.

Remove and split open. Mind out for steam burns 😉
Put a layer of avocado slices and some finely shredded lettuce in the sandwich and close it back up.

Slice in half (triangle of course!) and eat!

*I use my all time fave: a few drops (it’s very strong!) “red sauce” – I have seen it at stores locally here in HB as well as the farmer’s market but they have a list of stores on their website and will courier it to you .. (get some of the smoky mushrooms too .. mmMM!)



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