Posted by: Joan Spiller | June 14, 2010

Invalid Food

I called my Nana (Corinne) today and found out she has a terrible dose of the flu which then causes her asthma to flare up.. so she’s pretty unhappy! Now Nan is the domestic goddess in their household, Grand-dad is competent “at a pinch” in the kitchen .. and the house, for that matter lol A life time of being indulged does that to a man 😉

But this means that they’ll not be doing that well on the food OR house keeping deal.. Altho Grand-dad will be loving heading off to McD’s for his wicked treat of fries and a small burger when he gets hungry and no meal is on the table! Nana said this morning (we had a wicked frost here in HB) she’d have loved some porridge but it would be too much effort to explain to Grand-dad how to make it! Asthma is such a distressing ailment, as you become exhausted simply from breathing, let alone having to repeat yourself or do anything additional to gasping for air 😦

So, I’m off to whip up a batch of chicken soup for Nana and some split pea soup for Grand-dad. Chicken soup is what ya feed sick people, isn’t it? Heck I have no idea .. I don’t like sick people much and try to avoid them whenever I can *grin* I will also make some porridge ‘mix’ up so Grand-dad can microwave it for Nan tomrorow. And I’m gonna make some pikelets. No real reason other than that I know she likes them. Or maybe I’ll make cookies with ginger in them – they become purely medicinal then and can be eaten without guilt!

Right no time for blogging – got soup and stuff to make.
Will post the recipes later when I have time 🙂



  1. Home made chicken noodle soup is good for whatever ails you. Give Nana and Russell our love and tell her we hope she is back on her feet soon.


    • Noodle? What sorta noodles??
      (Am in the kitchen, gotta love mobile email lol)


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