Posted by: Joan Spiller | June 19, 2010

Gluten Free, High Protein, Fat-Free, Healthy Cookies – Recipe

I was just putting these into a container to give to my grandfather (who is gluten intolerant in a big way) when it dawned on me. I’d made something that sounded nasssssty! What a hoot! I had a bit of egg white mixture leftover, after making a louise slice (sweet pastry base / raspberry jam topped with meringue and coconut!) and decided to bung in some coconut thread and bake them to see what happened ..

They’re like a cross between a macaroon and a louise slice. Because Grand-dad has a bit of a sweet tooth, I topped them with a little jam .. But they’re really good without the extra sweetness!

So, without further ado – here is my accidental recipe for gluten free coconut cookies!

2 free range egg whites
1/4c white sugar
1/4c coconut thread

Whip egg whites til they’re stiff but not dry. Add sugar, 1 spoonful at a time – beating between each addition. Did you know you should always beat egg whites in a completely dry (and greasefree) bowl? I find a glass bowl is best..Once the mixture is stiff and the sugar has dissolved into the eggwhites so they look glossy and pillowy, gently fold in the coconut. Do not overmix, it’ll take the oomph out of the whites and make them chewy and tough.

Place spoonfuls of whatever size you like onto a baking sheet. Don’t grease the baking sheet – just run it under the cold tap then bang off any excess water and use it that way.

Bake at 120 deg (cool) for 90 mins or do.

Allow to cool before handling..I topped them with jam after they were baked.

Bon Appetit!


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