Posted by: Joan Spiller | June 20, 2010

Margie’s Oat Slice – Recipe

As a kid our family would often visit with friends Margaret and Jerry H, in Ohau. Margaret loved to cook (or at least, that’s MY memory of her!) and this slice was a recipe I stole from her collection.. Very simple but so tasty! Maybe even a little bit more-ish. James this means you want more more more!

3c rolled oats (I use a mix of wholegrain and the finer cut oats)
2c white sugar
1c coconut (I like a coarse grate but coconut thread doesn’t work)
1c melted butter
1t vanilla essence

Melt butter, add essence and set aside. In a large bowl mix the dry ingredients. Add butter & vanilla and mix .. This is where you get your hands dirty! Ya need to get in there and mix it really well to ensure the butter coats every single bit of the mixture or it won’t set properly!

Pre heat an oven to 180C with the rack in the centre / bottom (not up high).

Grease a shallow pan such as a roasting dish or a sponge roll tin. Ideally, lay a sheet of baking paper in the base too. Press the mixture into the dish with your knuckles. Smooth it out so it colours evenly on top..

Bake for 15 – 30 mins – how’s that for vague? Problem with this is it varies a lot from oven to oven, I’ve found. Don’t panic when you look at it, as it doesn’t look set. It sets as it cools.. If you do the 30 min time frame, turn the heat down by 5 or 10 degs to avoid it browning on top. I’ll make some soon and post a piccie : )

Important: Cut when cold.

Oh and if it doesn’t set, which does happen now and then for reasons known only to the kitchen gods – don’t fret. Simply use it as a ready-made apple crumble topping or as a very decadent muesli!

Variations: Go wild, there’s heaps you can do!
Add golden syrup for a gorgeous anzac cookie taste..Scatter choc chips in the mixture for extra naughtiness..Chop in your fave dried fruits .. or crystallised ginger!



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