Posted by: Joan Spiller | June 21, 2010

The best tofu disguise (marinade) ever!

Ahh tofu.. That strange, rubbery, squishy (or variants of!) super high protein “food” that those weird vegetarian types eat in place of meat.. Hey, wait, I’m one of those weirdoes, scratch that!

I’ve always been pretty unimpressed with tofu. It’s basically a carrier for flavours, I guess is the most polite way to describe it.. Cos it sure as heck dun’ taste that good on its own! I rather like the slightly silky texture of tofu, it’s fun to cut up. But then again, so is butter. And butter tastes great 😉

Up til now I’ve shied away from tofu, simply because it didn’t float my boat but this week I had a brain fart and came up with a way to make it tasty and delicious – no I’m not high, it’s seriously delicious. And I love nothing more than to bag tasteless vegetarian food, as you well know!

It’s also incredibly simple .. but does require a bit of planning.

Grab 1 packet of tofu – I used firm.. Cut into 1cm cubes and throw into a ziploc bag.

Add 1t of ground chilli, ginger and garlic pastes (the holy trinity of taste!). Next add 2T soy sauce, 1T brown sugar and 1T water.

Seal the bag and throw it in the fridge. Every time you go into the fridge (or remember to do this!) turn the bag over ..

The taste sensation was incredible in our stirfry last night – so much better than I expected.
And way cheaper to DIY than to buy ready made marinated tofu at twice the price in the shops 🙂

Seriously – if you want to try tofu but have always been put off .. give this a go. And let me know how you find it k!



  1. Still trying to figure out the small t and large T. Logically, t is for teaspoon and T for tablespoon, right???


    • James, check this out – sorry for confusing ya 😉

      You are coorrect tho – in your logic. It’s meant to be internationally known the lil t = teaspoon etc but then I have seen some variants so best to check!


  2. Wow it sounds amazing. I have to try that, too. Thanks for sharing.


    • Thanks Tes, I am delighted at how nice this recipe turned out. I seriously loathed tofu before now but can actually look fwd to having it now! Always just found it so bland!


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