Posted by: Joan Spiller | June 23, 2010

The illusion of healthy food..

Why is it that when people eat something like carrot cake with cream cheese icing (which really is the main reason to eat carrot cake if you ask me .. ) as opposed to eating something like a pikelet or scone with jam and cream .. they make silly comments such as “Ohhh this is sooo wicked?” I’ve witnessed this many a time and I just don’t understand.

Somehow the jam (equal parts fruit and sugar, people!) and the cream (ahem!) are completely invisible and yet the cream cheese icing makes people feel ‘wicked’?

For the record, my carrot cake has no butter, no sugar or fat in it – I use oil, natural yoghurt and honey – and it STILL makes for a delicious / moist cake! 😉

However people seem to think the old fashioned recipes are so much healthier – whatever!

And ya know what else? I am sure the real reason people get fat and / or feel bad when they eat something is that guilt adds to the calorie content of whatever it is they’re eating!

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