Posted by: Joan Spiller | June 24, 2010

Carrot Cake – Recipe

This carrot cake is ALMOST healthy .. almost .. All depends on how much cream cheese icing you slap atop it .. And how much cake ya eat!

Joan’s healthy carrot cake recipe

2.5c self raising flour
2t cinnamon
1/2t salt
1/2t baking soda

1.5c grated carrot (peel the carrots first)

2/3c unsweetened plain yoghurt
2/3c runny hunny (or plain honey melted in the microwave)
3  free range eggs
1c vegetable or rice bran (cholesterol free, remember!) oil
1/2c chopped pecans

In one bowl beat the eggs, add yoghurt, oil and honey – mix well. Sift dry ingredients into another bowl. Add nuts and grated carrots into the wet mix. Stir well..

Mix the dry ingredients into the wet mix .. folding gently – don’t over mix at this point! It is ok to have a little lumpy bits of flour in the mix .. not too many tho!!

Bake in a lined cake tin, at 180 deg (C) for approx. 45 mins. Test at 35 mins .. this can take as long as an hour, so don’t panic!

I line the cake tin with butter papers but you can use wax paper if you prefer. Oh and if you don’t have that either – wet a newspaper and lay it under the cake when you place it in the oven. Keep testing til it’s ready.. a knitting needing will come out reasonably dry (no cakey bits sticking to it!) when the cake is ready.

Ice with lemony cream cheese icing when completely cool.
(Need the recipe? Let me know .. )

Bon Appetit!



  1. Jelly beans and balloons at Breakfast? I wanna have breakfast at your house Jenny!!!! *grin* Glad the cake went well. And the party, it sounded like tons of fun!


  2. this better be good – i am gonna make it for my daughters birthday cake to be eaten at brunch time on sunday. there are an unknown number of people coming, some of them vegetarians (no bacon or sausages) some of them gluten free (no corn fritters, pancakes or carrot cake!) most of them environmentally aware (free range eggs, no disposable plates knives and forks), some of whom my daughter doesnt even know but has invited to come so she can meet (a visiting american family here on sabbatical, a visiting australian family who are moving to chch later in the year, a friends brother down for the holidays to stay with his sister)

    should be fun!


    • omg good luck today Jenny!!
      How did the cake turn out?

      I had a MOMENT in the Wgtn bridge club where I whispered to Chris “I hope I put instructions to line the tin” then late last night he says to me (around midnight) “did you email Jenny about lining the cake tin” LOL I said I figgered you’d baked a few cakes in yr day and knew to do it!

      Hope you guys have a fun day. Chris will be at bridge all afternoon with G & J and I will be working .. (hmm what a bum deal this is lol)


      • lol – yep i have made a few….and last weekend i made this one and a chocolate cake – 2 birthday cakes one for lizzy and one for her young man. the carrot cake was fabulous – unfortunately it turns out that a roasting pan double recipe size was not big enough to have left overs….i used dried fruit on top of the cream cheese icing as decoration and it was “all et up” in a flash. the chocolate cake suffered a similar fate – funny how when there are TWO cakes everyone has a piece of BOTH, but if you told them to have TWO pieces of one or the other they wouldnt! the rest of the brunch went well – caramelised oranges, roasted rhubarb, defrosted frozen berries, muesli and greek yoghurt, pumpkin and leek frittata, roasted mushrooms, croissants and rolls, and then the cakes. catering for the vego’s, the jews (both NO bacon) the gluten free (frittata not quiche)- no sweat 🙂

        everyone happy.

        oh and i forgot – it wouldnt have been a birthday without jelly beans, licorice allsorts and balloons, even if it was breakfast.


  3. This is the one I’ve been waiting for. I love Carrot Cake.


    • Did you make it for Patsy for her birthday????


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