Posted by: Joan Spiller | July 2, 2010

So, I broke the rules today ..

I’ve been in Wellington 3 days now .. well, 2.5 really. in that time I have done 19 hours of writing, reading and asking Q’s as I try to wrap my hear around my 4 projects. I have missed 2x trains (there’s something quite incredibly irritating about watching a train disappear off in the direction you wanted to go, fyi) I have also had 3 trains run late (one so much so that I was late for a meeting with a VIP at the flippin’ airport!) Oh and I’ve been to the gym next door to my office for a hell work out with an even meaner trainer than Attila @ Core, in Hastings. I picked her cos she looked sweet and young (I figured I could take her, ya know?) She’s not at all nice or sweet, but more on that later 😉

But back to my breaking the rules..

As a Wellington commuter, I am starting to realise there are strict rules to adhere to when travelling between home and work. Did you know this? Me either, til it dawned on me today.

Now in my defence, I did break the rules on Wednesday because the train I’d planned to catch was 23 minutes late. Being my first day, I wanted to get there in plenty of time and so I had carefully worked out I’d need x time to get to the city on the train then y time to get up town to my office via the reception who would have to swipe me in. I’d even have 5 mins spare to touch up the make up and take a pit stop, should it be necessary.

The reality of my first morning went more like this:

Walked out the door of my digs. Heavy rain starts 2 minutes later. 1 drowned rat arrives at the train station to await her train. Train is late. Said drowned rat shivers & frets whilst waiting in the new ($1m, I believe!) train “shelter”. I use the old 66 and 99 because the MORONS who designed these obviously don’t bloody use them. They’ve designed them to look like train cars. And that’s kinda cool .. But they’ve used hole-y sheet metal. So although you can stand out of the rain – you also get a howling gale blasting thru’ from the ground up to about your waist, to ensure you are completely frozen through and miserable. Bless.

Train duly arrives, standing room only. I tell ya, sardines could learn how to better pack in, it was horrible. Added to which, the train conductor didn’t seem to grasp my logic when I suggested we all should not have to pay to get to town since we were all bloody gonna be late. Mental note: Don’t catch that train again in awhile in case she recognises me.

Fast fwd 12 mins and I am now weaving and racing my way thru’ the grey suit brigade that is so prevalent in corporate Wellington. I tried not to push too many people out of my way but think I may have upset a few in my haste and panic. Have since changed my route, in case any of them recognise me too ..

Arrived at the office 2 minutes before I was due there. Panting, puffing, red in the face, dripping wet (make up and rain + sweat = YOU work it out!) I stood in the elevator for 10 floors, leaning blissfully against the carpeted wall trying to catch my breath. Damn lift was too fast, I found myself being spat out in front of an immaculately attired, poised young receptionist. “May I help you?” she asks .. politely (because she has to) but probably wondering if she should call security ..

I nod (puff puff) and say “Uh .. please, yes” (way to go Joan – I’m the articulate one of the family) then I gasp out the name of my manager and she calls him up.

I stand to one side and strip off 2 coats, a vest and my running shoes. Quickly slipping into my more corporate attire. Stand up and drop my bagful of clothes. Great, as the reception area suddenly looks like a good will / op shop just threw up – out comes my Manager.

I stuff everything into my bag and try to look composed as we walk thru’ the floor to his office for a brief meeting pre starting.

Someone taps me on the shoulder as I walk past and points to a sock laying on the floor by their desk. I toss up between ignoring them and making like it’s not mine but eventually decide I really should pick it up.

Catch Mgr back up and enter meeting room.

Still struggling for air, still red in the face but soaking wet – I try to look like he can trust me with millions of dollars worth of projects ..

Either he’s very kind or I managed to pull myself together cos we’re now at day 3 😉

But I still haven’t said how I break the rules, my bad..

I’ll do that later, my lunch break is over and I need to get busy here!



  1. Now you know why they have to pay big bucks to get anyone to do that job! What a routine!! Can’t wait to hear the rules you broke.


    • LOL I will post something later, when my laptop is fixed. I am SO not happy with this silly eeeeee laptop I’ve borrowed 😉


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