Posted by: Joan Spiller | July 4, 2010

I need a break ..

How do I know this? My computer tells me .. very freakin’ often too – tis most annoying!

The company I am working for (a crown entity so probably very much into the health and safety ‘bizzo’) have loaded software onto everyone’s systems so that it forces you to stop working at regular intervals to have a ‘micro-pause.’

You should be able to see what it does by clicking here: Ickle diddums rest time

Just quietly, in MY experience of working for govt depts – most people don’t really need to be told to take breaks 😉



  1. Thanks a lot! I just signed on and was forced to take a break. How often does this happen and how long is the break?


    • Its about every 5 minutes? Man, it’s annoying!!!! And NO, it cannot be turned off, I’ve tried grrrr


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