Posted by: Joan Spiller | July 4, 2010

You can’t beat Wellington (on a good day)

And today IS a good day ~ it is quite beautiful out there.. not a breath of wind, endless blue skies, warm and sunny. The saying about Wgtn on a day like this is 100% accurate.

Was the ultimate lazy Sunday – I woke late (always a thrill!) had my morning latte, did some prep for dinner and then headed into town.

My plan was to take the train anytime I come to town – as I have an unlimited use ticket, but I ended up in the car – which as it turns out: is just as well cos I’ve been (shhh) shopping ..

Now in my defense, I had to go to one shop to return my dead laptop (amazingly, they think it’s software damage – ohhh yeah so that way it isn’t covered by warranty .. jerks!)

How they can say that without even LOOKING at it, I am not sure but I’ll have that fight with them when they have fixed it, didn’t wanna risk irritating the techo-geek who holds my electronic life in his hands!

Once in town, I decided to have a delicious cheese, pesto and tomato melt from my fave bakery Pandoros. Problem with a fine day in Wellington, let alone a weekend is that every tom, dick, sally, harry, mike, david, john (and their dogs AND their kids) come out too!

Town was jam-packed with people wanting to be out in the sunshine. So I had to circle the block about 342x (a slight exaggeration, perhaps) before finally nabbing a spot within a reasonable walk of the bakery.

Got my brunch, then decided to go for a stroll to the market down by Oriental Pde. Talk about a find! Its a bit like a farmers market on steroids: there were coffee joints, dozens of well priced fresh produce stalls, all sorts of ethnic food, muso’s playing (1 of them really really badly lol) and of course: hoardes of people.

Then I made the dangerous mistake of deciding to go window shopping down town..”on my way to work” .. I found an outlet book store – filled with cook books – heavenly! Then I found a clothes store having a sale! All sorts of fun things. Bad BAD Joan.

I’m making up for it now tho – am at my office, working studiously. Well, I have been for the last few hours. But I am caught up now so will head “home” to unload my shopping and relax a bit before what promises to be a very busy week ahead.

Hmm maybe a walk along Oriental Parade and up Mt Vic might be nice first .. Am loving this Wellington weekend : )



  1. Moulin where, Jenny??? I’m on Willis .. up the “end” .. don’t know the place tho?? mmm baguettes ..


  2. wgtn on a good day….boy if you could bottle it then distribute it everywhere you could stop wars, fix child hunger, cure cancer. dont tell rod but i would move back in a heart beat. i LOVE wgtn, good bad and all the other days as well, but especially the drop dead gorgeous ones.

    have you checked out moore wilsons fresh yet? you will think you have died and gone to heaven. and for baguettes go to Moulin on willis st (is it still there? did it get demolished in the motorway reconstruction).


  3. Do I understand that you work on the weekend? Are the offices open there on Saturday and Sunday or is this just your option?


    • Its my choice to, no one else was silly enuff to be there 🙂 It just meant I could get a few things done before the wk starts in the morning!


    • I will work when there’s work to be done basically, James .. no, the offices are not open on Sunday tho!! Because I was committed to going to HB for 2 days, I wanted to get as far ahead as I could so as not to be behind on my return! And it worked, I managed to stay afloat this week.. which was esp good since I came back to Wgtn with a raging cold / head that isn’t 100% up for much!


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