Posted by: Joan Spiller | July 11, 2010

Want the worst Pasta Dinner ever?

Well just pop on down to Maria Pia’s for the vegetarian tortellini.
I had it last evening and it was most disappointing..

A  small group of us went from Bridge to Maria Pia’s in Thorndon and I have to say I was unimpressed ~ with both the staff and (worse!) with the meal. One might be able to forgive bad wait staff, maybe they’re new or busy or something .. but bad food AND sub par waiting meant the whole thing was bad.

I was so excited too .. as I’d had 2 other meals at Maria’s in the last 10yrs – both wonderfully tasty with good service .. but not this time round and our 2 young wait staff simply didn’t get it right either. Granted, a bunch of people sitting dissecting bridge games might be a tad off putting but even so ..

Interesting the things that change. Back in “the day” (i.e. the last time I was there lol) Maria herself came out and grated parmesan on the meal and chatted to diners. Now I accept, she’s allowed the odd night off and last night may have been hers .. but it does make a difference and certainly speaks of the importance of hiring the right staff to take care of your business when you’re not there huh 😉

Anyway, some people enjoyed their risotto and the tiramisu was apparently delish – I can make that myself so wasn’t prepared to fork over for it in case it was below avg like the pasta I’d just had ..

But of all this, ya wanna know what is really bad?

The waitress misheard one of the orders (and was not at all sorry nor helpful over it) so a meat eater got given the same pasta as I did .. and she looked very unimpressed. Not the least since she’d ordered the tagliatelle with 3 meats and got vege parcels.. to then have it over cooked and insipid tasting was just adding insult to injury lol .. she probably thinks vegetarians are all morons if THAT is what we call good food 😉

All in all a disappointing dining experience from Maria Pia’s, Wellington.



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