Posted by: Joan Spiller | July 16, 2010

s’whine flu – s’wot it is!

Don’t ya just hate when you feel like death warmed up but don’t sound that sick so no one gives you those ‘aw petal” looks? *grin* I had a day like that yesterday!

As I type (and yesterday was no better) I have ear ache, tooth ache, a raging sore throat and a headache.. And my nose is doing disgusting things only a nose can do .. but I SOUNDED fine, maybe (if you knew me well, you’d pick it up) a little rough in the voice but that was all.

So the first person who asked me how I was looked quite surprised when I said I felt like utter rubbish. Of course, this could easily head down the ranting path of why people bother to ask random people how they are, when they really do not care and are just unable to handle the silence whilst waiting for a lift to arrive but I don’t have time, gotta train to catch soon 😉

It’s a grey cold day in Wellington. The trains are running late, according to a text I rec’d at 6.30am. But it’s Friday and everyone in Wgtn will be on TGIF mode AND they’re used to people turning up late muttering darkly about trains so I doubt I will cause a stir when I shuffle in to my desk around 9am instead of 8 as is usual.

Besides, I will be working much of the weekend so they’ll get their lb of flesh!

Ok time to go .. wish me luck sounding like a PM you can trust to take care of everything *sniffle hack* Happy trails ..


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