Posted by: Joan Spiller | July 17, 2010

Roasted Chickpeas??

So I saw some of these for sale ($5.99 for a small bag omg!) in Metro NW downtown Wellington last week and thought “I can replicate that”. So nice of the producers to label the packet with what’s in them! *grin* I duly toddled off to the bulk bin store and got a fistful ($1!) of these strange but ludicrously healthy beans and as I type, they are toasting away quietly in the oven.

AKA Garbanzo beans, the chick pea is lauded as one of the super foods especially for vegetarians. Unfortunately, most of us Euro types have NO clue how to cook them so they get a bit of a bum rap! I remember Mum once boiled some up and served them as is .. we all looked first at her then at our plates (and wondered if it was 1 April!) they were not good!

I use chickpea (besan / garam) flour in my cooking where I can, to up my protein intake. I imagine this would be ideal for gluten intolerant types too? I also use chickpeas (soaked, cooked and mashed) in my rice patties again: to add protein. It makes no taste impact but I need the additional P in my diet so it’s all good. 

And now – a bit of time has elapsed, I shall see what these roasted beans taste like .. wish me luck!

Recipe and Pics to come ..

Uh, if they are nice 😉



  1. So i hope they were nice? I’ve tried to replicate the roasted chickpeas I buy from the health food shop but BOTH times i have burnt them .. d’oh. I love them (not the burnt ones!)


  2. Roasted chickpeas sound really good. Never heard of them before, so I’m curious how they turn out. As for the garam flour, can you use it as you would regular flour, or do you have to make adjustments to the rest of the recipe?


    • You can’t use garam flour quite the same, it’s heavier and has a stronger taste so I tend to use it for things where it isn’t so much needed as pure flour i.e. I would not use it in cake baking but happily use it as a thickener .. I wonder if one could make pastry with it?? I shall have to give it a go. I’d def use it in batter for fish or frying or pakora or in any fritter batter such as corn fritters! Shame my chickpeas didn’t work but I am not giving up so check back later k 😉


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