Posted by: Joan Spiller | July 18, 2010

Chuck peas – Recipe

Roasted chick pea experiment: Fail

So failed.. I couldn’t even bring myself to feed them to the birds 😉
Initially they tasted great – I dredged them in onion soup mix and garlic pdr + a little salt, before roasting for awhile on a low temp (that’s the key there, Kim lol)

Then I decided to re-fry them yesterday evening cos they seemed a bit ‘sticky’ still..

And this morning (to quote CJ) they taste like feet.
Which means they taste: ghastly!

But I aint giving up yet – watch this space. I’ll give ’em another go cos I really do think I am onto something as a wonder-snack!

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  1. i suspect we can rattle up several keen hungry and gorgeous young men and maybe a woman to two as testers….i had chili and lime cashew nuts from NW the other day – maybe we can give those a whirl too – they were delicious


  2. yay! we can but try


  3. have been reading about roaasted chickpeas – if NW can make them, surely intelligent human beings can too.

    what i have found is to use canned chickpeas, to dry roast them and not to season till after cooking….the oil makes them sticky and the salt makes them retain moisture.

    maybe that will help


    • Hmmm OK I will try them using those guidelines!!!

      Maybe have them for tea in 2 wks


      • or……maybe a chickpea cook off????

        love ya


      • Oooh a couple of chicks having a cook off? Fun! We’ll need some taste testers Jenny! 😉


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