Posted by: Joan Spiller | July 21, 2010

Eggs-treme cooking!

Did you know that the best way to avoid having bits of shell in your cooking is to crack the egg really hard? Not tap it tentatively, like it’ll break easily? Duh, you want it to break remember 😉

I KNOW it sounds obvious but the amt of people who go “oh” when I tell them this!

And don’t bang it against the side of your bowl / dish. Bang it on a sep bowl or the bench..
Who wants  tiny bits of egg shell and chook poo in their dinner??



  1. So it’s Sunday night and the political debate in Australia is about to start. I don’t vote so what to do to fill in time? How about googling my name, I think. That’s probably the number one most popular thing to do when you’re out of ideas. A bit nerdy though so I type in “Joan Spiller” instead. And whaddayaknow….a cooking blog pops up. Wow…I think…is that MY Joan Spiller? It is! It is!

    Love the site and miss you and Auckers heaps. I’m a mum now, surrounded by cows, cats and cream. Hope all is well with you = )


    • ALI BELLY!!!!!!!!!!

      Will email you soon 🙂


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