Posted by: Joan Spiller | July 29, 2010

*what* was I thinking?

Why on earth did I take this job and move to Wellington, even if just temporarily? What was I thinking? Since arriving, my laptop hard drive died and had to be replaced. I’ve had the most horrible flu (and had to keep working thru’ it!) I’ve had ear ache and tooth ache (sympathy for that rotten kid o’ mine) day 1 I got drenched en route the office and arrived in the nick-of-time (but resembling a drowned rat) thanks to the trains running late. I’ve broken the heel on my fave pair of shoes. I think my long suffering room-mate has a drinking problem – you should see all the empty wine bottles here outside his house on recycling day *grin* NOTHING to do with me, or me driving him to drink thank you! Oh yeah and I got a flat tyre on the way to town on the weekend.. And did I mention it’s rained non stop since I got here? OK maybe not. We have had 3 (count it .. THREE!) fine days. And I know I am a cheap tart but geez, rain and TRAIN do not go well together let me tell you!!

OK rant over. I’m sorry ..


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