Posted by: Joan Spiller | August 5, 2010

The penthouse – My new digs

So I got the keys to my penthouse apartment yesterday and have spent a bit of time there today cleaning and getting ready to move in on Saturday. I was hopeful that there wouldn’t be too much to do when I got it but that was not to be.. Amazing how people can live, really. AND I have cats, rats, pigs, pigeons and dogs messing up MY home normally and am dismayed lol I think what really gets me is the people who lease out the apartments claim to have cleaned it between the last person and me.

Clearly, their idea of cleaning differs from mine:

The side of the kitchen side board / table.. and a bunch of other things looked like this too.
It looks like mashed food or ear wax (gag) it was caked on which was pretty nasty!

This was the cloth after ONE wipe over the dressing table .. OMIGOD!

This is perhaps my fave: the heater ..

The cutlery drawer .. now that was a treat .. (And yes, the cutlery is all being put aside in favour of my own!)

(I think the real classy bit here was the mould growing between the drawer and the liner..)

 I must admit, the loo wasn’t as bad as it could have been but still – have they not heard of bleach??

Loved the little scattering of pubic hairs under the seat too .. so charming..

How’s that for a dusty telly?

Now this – this is special. A crunched up smelly old tea towel under the bathroom vanity. Along with a bunch of hair and dust.

Mm Uh huh yeah sure you had the place cleaned before I got possession. I realise some tenants may well be complete scumbags but the situation is hardly gonna improve if this is how they’re  ALL treated! 

So, I did a bunch of cleaning (used half a bottle of spray and wipe and a litre of bleach so far lol) today and let off a flea / bug bomb in the room before coming home tonight. JUST in case! And tomorrow I shall go back for more..

Wish me luck!
(I may need it!)



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  3. I seriously believe the property manager thinks the place was spot on when I got the keys. Bet he wouldn’t live in this place as it was OR even (as one person suggested – for young people it’s diff!?!? What filth is ok for 21yos?) let his kids live there. Amazing. If CJ had taken this place she and I would be cleaning 10 bells out of it! It’s a nice apartment with an amazing view but clearly leased (and used to be inhabited by!) by complete jerks. I look fwd to having it ‘mine’ when it’s all clean, tidy and homely 🙂


  4. yuck! yuck! yuck! yuck! yuck! yuck! yuck! yuck! yuck! yuck! yuck! yuck! yuck! yuck! yuck! yuck! yuck! yuck! yuck! yuck! yuck! yuck! yuck! yuck!
    i may be a messy housekeeper, but at least we are clean, and i never would leave a place like that for the next person to move into. i would have insisted on a week (or two’s) rent free OR a proper professional clean.

    am sure you will have it looking lovely by the end of the weekend.


  5. OMG!! You are very brave Joan – I don’t think I would have taken the apartment in that state – would have insisted the landlord get in the commercial cleaners or asked for 2 weeks free rent to cover the cleaning up costs!

    Even better, I would have stayed at Igor’s lovely warm pad in Tawa.

    Good Luck with the move, will catch up with you next week.


  6. Can you wipe the TV and take another picture? The reflection of the window view is kinda distorted(G)


    • watch it old man, I know where you live!!!!!


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