Posted by: Joan Spiller | August 6, 2010

Good clean fun ..

So today in my lunch break I was meant to be driving to HB with Judy and co. INSTEAD I was scrubbing. And I still smell of bleach ahhh! But I am now ready to move in tomorrow. I managed to get all the dirt, dust and grot off the heater (see pic below) ..

It’s stained but it’s clean! I went round the entire apartment with anti-bacterial wipes today (having scrubbed & cleaned already) and wiped everything down so feel reasonably happy that it’s clean and ready now. Dad arrives in the morning at some ungodly hour, we’ll move my worldly (coffee machine) possessions in and be done!

AND then we’ll see how life goes on… EEK!!
Still a bit freaked out by the whole thing but oh well.
Wouldn’t be the 1st time.

Here’s what the heater USED to look like in case you missed it:


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