Posted by: Joan Spiller | August 6, 2010

TGIF PS My Mum is dead..

How’s that for a random theme?

@ the risk of sounding a bit pollyanna-ish, I do tend to like most days of the week. After all, surely any that one wakes up on might be considered a good day 😉  But I am glad this week is over and a weekend is almost upon us.

Altho’ mine won’t exactly be restful I guess. Daddy flies in @ 7.45 tomorrow morning so I shall set off to the airport at some ungodly hour to pick him up. Then we’ll go do brekkie someplace nice before getting me packed up and into my new apartment. That should take all of one hour – I only have clothes here!  OK and my coffee machine..

Then I need to go buy a bunch of things for my new place. And Dad wants to run a few errands .. before we both jump on a train to big brother’s for the evening.
It’s his birthday tomorrow 🙂

And yes, we’ll take the train. Dad drinks rum / I drink wine. No sober drivers in this whanau!

But I think I am feeling the effects of getting sick the 1st week I arrived in Wgtn. Having a new job. Getting told I’d be here longer than the original 3 mths planned for. Moving to a new apartment. Spending time travelling back and forth to HB and so on. I’m tired.

But refer to earlier statement: it sure as eggs beats the alternative!

Being in HB!?

MY bad..

But this week I have had a few ‘moments’, good bad or otherwise. For example: today, had coffee with the CEO of Colmar Brunton, a very pleasant man if ever there were one. He’s the vendor on a new project I’ve picked up since starting @ PT. A good meeting. Then on my way back to the office I started crying on Willis St cos I saw a woman I’d SWEAR was my Mum’s twin. If she had one.. I guess overweight maori ladies abound but it still throws me when it happens.

There are days I feel like a total fruit loop I tell ya 😉

They say the first year is the hardest,  I dunno.
After all, you can never replace a MUM .. You can make new kids, get a new wife .. Ya can’t get a new Mum tho can you.



  1. funny….my boys all seem to have multiple mums….

    not sure what they are saying about me

    a) they are taking out insurance in case i get to be not around any more
    b) if one mum is good, more must be better
    c) if one mum is not good, then alternatives must be sought

    if it is any consolation i still cry 34 yrs later … told you before babe it never goes away, you jsut learn to live with (as in cohabit) it.


  2. mm true, that said: I don’t need a replacement, 1 was fine by me. I will cherish the Mum-ories I have and others can do or get what they need or want 🙂


  3. You can get a replacement, but they will never be mum. Glad to hear Perry will be there today and y’all will have a family gathering, of sorts.


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