Posted by: Joan Spiller | August 8, 2010

Home and Away

And I don’t mean the telly show!

So it’s 7pm Sunday night, in a very wet and cold Wellington. From my desk I can see Mt Victoria – well, the beacon thingie atop it anyway. I can see “fairy land”, the lights of the houses on Oriental Pde flickering. It’s quite pretty really. Last night was my first night here in ‘the penthouse’. Was most weird.. But I’ll back up first..

Woke at 4am (silly, I know) yesterday. Packed all my Wgtn worldly possessions and went to the airport to pick Dad up. Oh but first had to deal to a flat tyre .. in the rain.
Mm refer to earlier “WHAT WAS I THINKING?” post 😉

So we got all my stuff into the apartment, then Dad got busy “fixing things” (As Dad’s must!) he replaced the handle on the dresser, it’d fallen off when I cleaned it (shock lol) he took the freezer door off and fixed it so it didn’t scream at me every time I opened it. He fixed a broken / overly hard to use handle on the lounge window. He set up my heater with a timer so it’ll come on while I’m at work during the day. He lifted furniture for me to wash under (the heavy stuff I had not been able to DIY).

And I unpacked, cleaned (some more) and made lists of things I needed! Then we set off shopping..

New sheets, blankets, pillows, cushions for the chairs (which are like stone they are so uncomfy – the chairs, I mean), a lamp for beside the desk, new chopping board, towels and stuff for the bathroom, some new utensils and crockery and stuff. I am NOT confident about using some of the ‘stuff’ they claim makes this place fully furnished 😉  Some of it I soaked in bleach then washed in hot soapy water (pots and bowls) so they should be ok but some of it just looks TOO nasty! It’s all in a box in a corner for them to take away during my time here!!

We also bought 8 houseplants so I have a bit of greenery in the place.. We bought some towel rails (what am I meant to do with my towels? Oh .. throw them on the floor like the last tenants? LOL) a new mat for the bathroom. 20kg of wheat for my new pigeon friends outside my window. Hmm can’t think what else but it took us all bloody day to do and we were both shattered by 6pm when we went to Richard’s for tea!

AND we did s’more again today. Dad was here at 7ish. And we hit the shops again .. Oh yeah groceries is what else we got. Needed a bunch of things cos of course, there is nothing here that is edible. Well, a bit of fungus growing in the corners of the windows maybe? And today Dad set up my innerweb, and put my new lamps together and helped heave and carry as we wandered thru’ a bunch of shops grabbing all the things I need here.

I have to say, the place is feeling a bit more like “MINE” now.

I do hope I stop cringing any time I touch anything that isn’t mine some time tho? LOL last night I slept really badly, I touched the wall at one point and woke up properly and shuddered lol .. that was a pain cos my room is lit up like a christmas tree at night. It’s kinda cool, all the city lights make pretty patterns on the ceiling. But I think I will have to clean the curtains so I can bring myself to touch / close them ..

My thinking is I’ll take ’em down, shake and vac them and then maybe leave them “extended” (is that open or shut???) with the heater on all day to ensure they’re dry .. then re-hang them. One day! In my spare time 😉

Other than that, the only remaining things to do are scrub the bathroom floor and clean all the windows again. I’ve done a first clean but they need more! Again: in my spare time maybe!

Back to work for a rest tomorrow morning .. Will take and post some pics of the newly improved place soon!



  1. I know it was good to have Perry there and spend the time with him and brother. Looks, and sounds like you’ve homesteaded! Only a little more than a month and spring will be coming with the promise of better weather.


  2. what a great dad….funny (sad funny) you dont have a mum and i dont have a dad.

    i am coming to wgtn wed/thurs – any chance of a tea sometime? prob thursday morning??


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