Posted by: Joan Spiller | August 9, 2010

Laziest Pasta on earth – Recipe

Go buy your fave fresh pasta packet from the supermarket  – you know, Frescatini or whatever. Prob’ly be around 250g maybe 300..  Maybe do garlic bread if wanting to feed 2 .. This is too much for one but not really a good meal for 2..

Bring a large pot of water to the boil, once boiling add a tablespoon of salt.

In the meantime prep this:

1 onion – any colour, sliced however you fancy it. I like lengths of onion.
5 mushrooms (any kind – I used button)
1/2 teaspoon of garlic paste, ginger paste and chilli paste if you have it. (If not, leave it out – easy eh!)
1/3 large red capsicum (or any colour is Ok really I just prefer red – blame CJ!)
1/3c frozen peas
1 carrot – peeled and sliced thinly

Heat a heavy (i.e.: cast iron) pan and throw in a slug of oil. Any oil. Who cares, we’re in a hurry remember! Throw in the onions + holy trinity and stir so they cook thru (til glassy but not burnt or coloured!) .. 4 mins tops on a med to high heat. Add the capsicum and mushrooms. Crank the heat up to get rid of the juices coming outta the softer things .. 5 mins on max, stirring now and then.

In a sep pot, throw a pat (10g?) of butter in and 1 tablespoon of water  then heat the pot .. lid on. Say 2 mins? Depends on your stove top. You want a hot pot..Chuck in the peas and then the carrots on top. LID ON as fast as you can .. turn down to low for 3-5 mins max. Test til they’re the way you wannem..

Drain any liquid and add the veges to the onion mix. Biff everything into one pot and grate in 100g any cheese (I used edam). In a perfect world I’d add a bit of crumble blue cheese to that mix.. Oh and some parmesan on top when I served it.. And parsley but yeah my garden is at home lol

Garnish with fresh ground black pepper and salt. Serve and eat from a warmed plate. SO GOOD!

Pasta la Hasta baby!



  1. lol – way too much like hard work. too many pots….do the onions the way you say and the holy trinity (hehe great term), but throw the veges in teh top of the pasta pot – they will cook int eh same amount of time as the pasta – hell a handful of any interesting frozen vege mix will work as well and if you choose a mix with onion in, you dont even need to get the frypan dirty….altho you dont get that lovely glassiness and slight caramelness from sauteeing the onions and herbs.

    drain the pasta and veges REALLY well – stand in a colander to make sure if you have to, tho that does double the dirty pot count. stir through the cheese and herbs if not cooked with the onions. to make it “richer” beat and egg and stir the cheese and herbs through that before stirring through the hot pasta – sort of carbonara vegetalli style 🙂

    loads of fresh ground pepper over the top, a sprinkling of fresh parsley….garlic butter pita bread you throw in teh toaster to heat….and a glass of something luscious from the hawkes bay (and no i dont mean MOTH altho he would probably make you think uncooked pasta and a glass of water seemed a meal divine)


    • but I dont have an egg beater here *growls*


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